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Explore XLANTIS today where we aim to bridge all metaverses under one platform whilst also developing Worlds for Sports Clubs & Partners with our unique macroverse ecosystem

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At XMANNA, we’ve created XLANTIS, a versatile macroverse designed for everyone, from teenage gamers to middle-aged shoppers. Our gaming apps and SDK allow developers to monetize their creations while offering players a rich rewards ecosystem. Plus, our white-labeled Loyalty Gaming App helps sports teams, brands, celebrities, and more drive fan engagement and generate new revenue streams.

We believe the metaverse and web3 technologies will transform our lives as profoundly as the internet did. That’s why XMANNA focuses on delivering dynamic, enhanced experiences that users already understand, granting them the freedom to monetize their time, actions, and data. By sharing nearly half of our net profits with users through prizes and rewards, we’re building a sustainable, value-driven business model.

Join us in changing the mindset around the metaverse and discover the endless opportunities XMANNA offers to investors, users, and partners alike.

Why choose us

We Build For You & Your Community

We build for you & your users. After completion we hand over a backend control system which allows you to control every aspect of your metaverse ecosystem.

Multiple Platforms

Built for Mobile, PC, Console, Pixel Streaming & Integrated into Unreal Engine For Fortnite, users will have multiple options to choose from.

Experienced Teams

Through our team & partners at HaZimation you can rest assured that our Metaverse Services can cater to your needs.

Entertainment Packages

Through our partners we are able to offer amazing entertainment options including 2 way volumetric streams & AR/VR options.

Control Systems

Control your metaverse with a custom backend system which requires minimal education & minimal staff requirements.

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XLANTIS is made up of multiple Zones & Worlds

Split into multiple Zones, XLANTIS is built for our users & partners to engage in many different ways with multiple entertainment options. From Concerts & Events to Shopping Malls and kiosks to sell your products, Sports Metaverses, Sandbox Environments & Land Packages to Partner Worlds, XLANTIS has something for everybody.

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Utilize XMANNAs expertise & integrate into XLANTIS or have your own metaverse built & utilize our unique technology.


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