SDK Games

Adding XMANNA SDK to standalone games easily integrates them with blockchain technology allowing for atomic cash gaming, challenges, and rewards with just a few lines of code.

XMANNA skilled gaming SDK
Standalone no more

Games integrated with the SDK join a userbase that shares a common log-in and wallet across all XMANNA integrated games. This means that balances, rewards, and history all seamlessly travel with the users.

The games, once ported, become part of the ecosystem offering.

The SDK currently
Supports Unity games

Allowing developers to quickly create XMANNA enabled games for Android and iOS. It abstracts away all the complexities of skilled gaming allowing developers to quickly convert single-player or multiplayer games into a challenge or tournament format.

Once a game is plugged into our SDK, cash challenges, tournaments, brackets, and an exciting rewards section now become part of the game and users credentials and perks go along with all games plugged in as well
KYC and regulatory compliance
Matchmaking using a patented game engine
Tournaments and brackets
Atomic gaming
Rewards, prizes, and earnings
L2 Non-custodial Wallets
Advertising and sponsorships
Spend winnings using their affinity card
40% of all daily net profits are going back to the users in the form of prizes and rewards!

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