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Manna Drops - Air Dropping Cash, Prizes & Experiences

Create a real time GEO based Air drop for your audience. Think Pokémon go for adults with this Augmented Reality Application.

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Manna Drops is a Self Service, easy to use, GEO Based tool for small & large companies to promote products, cash, discounts & experiences through gamification methods. In a matter of moments a local store can issue a drop for an instore discount code, promotional sale, physical or digital products & more.

With a backend system that allows you to create any type of drop you like to drive engagement for your audience, it is an all in one system that requires very little knowledge with a big impact for local promotions through amazing engagement mechanism that’s guaranteed to give your customers FOMO for your next drop.

How does it works?

Mint On Demand

With an easy set up process, engage with your audience in a new and exciting way.

Drive engagement to your store through a promotion or give away prizes, both digital or physical claims are available with our GEO Location Manna Drops Application.

Design Your Drop

Is it a physical drop, an instore claim promotion or a digital item? You pick or set up multiple drops instantly

Mint Your Supply

Pick your supply. Easily set up the amount and limit the claims to a specific amount of users.

GEO Lock Location

Pick your X Y & Z co ordinates anywhere in the world and begin your campaign instantly

Promote Your Drop

Now its time to promote! Send out your messages and let your community race to claim your drop

Ask Us How To Get Started Today

Speak to one of our team members and offer your products & services into future drops or build out your own campaigns with your very own Service Portal


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Manna Drops

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