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2 Way Volumetric Streaming

With access to over 400 venues and Studios, XMANNAs Virtual & Physical Concerts & Entertainment Venues are available now.

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XMANNA has assembled partners with connections to 100s of artists worldwide with interests in expanding their global reach with new and exciting technology.

With Partners like Condense Reality & BKS Backstage, they have come together with XMANNA & HaZimation to offer online events & entertainment at the highest quality to set the industry standards with the latest technology.

Why Virtual Events?

A New Way To Engage Your Fans

With a low cost & highly scalable model, Virtual Events can run in parallel to your Live Event or can be a stand alone event with a lower ticket price and worldwide access for all of your fans

2 Way Interactions

Communicate with your audience with our 2 way system that allows you to interact with your fans during your live events

Augmented Reality

With our AR Systems, Performers can interact and do real time air drops within their live events. Click to watch an early stage beta test

Live Events

With 400 venues available or in our Studio, Performers can perform Live, Virtually or Both at the same time with easy set up

Worldwide Events

With no restrictions on Virtual Events, any of your worldwide fan base can attend your live event or watch the replay anytime

Anywhere, Anytime. Host Your Virtual Event Today

Speak with our team today & let us show you how Virtual Events can help grow your reach, enhance your offering, increase engagement and bring a new revenue stream


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