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XMANNA’s SDK allows for game developers to plug their existing skilled mobile games into the XMANNA sports and gaming ecosystem with ease. XMANNA’s SDK takes stand alone games and incorporates a fiat and fiat wallet, a PVP challenge and tournaments system, and a generous rewards section. The game developers need no knowledge of handling transactions of fiat or crypto, nor do they need to fund any of the rewards or leaderboard prizes – they just bring the game to be plugged in.

The MannaVerse is a new virtual reality designed for the next era of interaction, gamification, social interaction, entertainment, sports and more. Users will be able to gain different layers of access through digital memberships, owning land, or being a subscriber. The MannaVerse is the realm in which there will be Sports Team partner land areas supporting their fan ecosystem and hosting a myriad of events and content to reward and engage people with.
Loyalty Applications
XMANNA takes gaming a step further by using it to enhance the Sports team-fan connection to create a more interactive experience for sports fans by incentivizing them through gaming and rewards to take additional actions to engage with their favorite teams. The Loyalty App is a white-label solution for teams that can be customized per team to cater to what they want to bring to their fans and to what actions the fans take that benefits them the most.
Our Company
XMANNA is a multi-patented blockchain software provider focused on building the future of engagement with a gaming service protocol, evolved sports loyalty applications, the metaverse, and creating true utility for NFTs. XMANNA is partnering with major sports teams to digitize their stadiums to allow for a new type of engaging experience with the team as well as creating a skilled gaming ecosystem to synergize the experience for the users, clubs, sponsors, and games.

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