Multi-patented gaming service protocol

XMANNA provides a fan loyalty application platform for operators and middleware layer for game developers via XMANNA SDK once deployed will allow any game to accept cryptocurrencies across multiple blockchains.

Several use-cases

Our protocol enables several use-cases such as atomic gaming, crypto-fiat debit loyalty card and incentivized behavioral rewards by leveraging polygon (matic) blockchain.

Utilizing polygon’s existing SDK and integrated solutions include cross-chain bridge network, defi compound marketplace and decentralized swaps that allows for low gas fees, quick transactions and micro wagering accepting multiple cryptocurrencies across all XMANNA games and loyalty applications.

XMANNA + Orsen A Winning Partnership

XMANNA and ORSEN have joined forces to ensure rights holders and fans across the sporting world further develop engagement by enhancing the ecosystem in which they interact and create shared experiences.

One-stop solution

The legacy sporting world has faced significant challenges, highlighted more than ever by COVID-19 and they now need to accelerate their digital transformation and offering to fans.

Our partnership will provide a one-stop solution for rights holders to elevate experiences for their fans. Rights holders can finally give back to fans through patented software and blockchain technology resulting in a truly loyal fanbase.